Petratlantic Energy Limited is a full-service oil trading company. It is a fully owned Nigerian company, It was incorporated as a fully owned Nigerian company in 2007 and it is actively involved in the oil and gas sector which includes trading, marketing, distribution, logistics/ marine services in the country. It has registered offices both in Lagos and Abuja with its corporate headquarters in Lagos.

The company has been involved in export of crude oil, and other distillates products from the refineries in Nigeria and in select locations along the West African coast. The management of the company over the years have carefully cultivated relationships with some of the largest players on the international oil scene and can boast of a strong network of local contacts in the country, making the company poised to consistently exceed

Marketing and distribution of oil products have formed a significant part of our business. The company has established a strong foothold in one of the world’s most important oil producing and consuming country and strategically positioned to take advantage of the opportunities inherent for a Nigerian-owned company post-deregulation sector.

Our collaboration with a couple of other local and international trading outfits have been of an added advantage to us and increased our level of expertise in discharging our duties as a team and company effectively.

To be the leading and most trusted energy partner locally and internationally
through market diversification and reliable supply.

Creating an exceptional brand that is dedicated to providing premium
quality products and services through reputable and renowned partnerships
globally, using best practices.

To boldly position our selves at the forefront of the energy-trading subsector,
employing the services of highly experienced professionals using combined
approaches and offering innovative methods, thereby thrusting our selves
even further to the international marketplace.